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As you can see from my infrequent posting, I’m not a fabulous writer. 🙂 I like to write, but the monkey wrenches of my life often leave me feeling too lazy to find or make the time to do it. That being said, I’ve got some changes coming in the near future and I’m too excited NOT to write about it. For quite a few years now, one of my most favorite guitar players and dear friend Don Severance and I have been playing music together as ‘The Mica-Sev Project’. It started off as just that–a project. Somehow though it blossomed into this very cool, eclectic “thing” and gained a good bit of local popularity. But as we grow together as people and musicians, we’ve come to realization that our project has real substance and is no longer experimental. We feel the need to “make some moves” in the coming year. Ok, ok, ok. I’ll just come out and say it: As of January, 2018, MSP will re-brand and emerge as ‘NeoSoul Quest’ or NSQ. (I’m staring to see a pattern here…) We’ll be doing less covers and putting more energy into our original tunes, which really embrace the neo-soul genre. Seems to me that it’s only fitting to change our name & brand, so there you have it. I’m uber psyched about this and look forward to seeing what this new year brings in terms of creativity and all things new!

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